Noble Mineral Exploration Inc.

Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. is a Canadian-based junior exploration company holding in excess of ~ 70,641 hectares of mineral rights in the Timmins/Cochrane area of Northern Ontario, upon which it plans to generate joint venture exploration programs.

The Company also holds a portfolio of additional diversified exploration projects at various stages of exploration and drilling for Gold in the Wawa and North Timmins areas of Northern Ontario and Uranium in Northern Saskatchewan.

The Company is focused on seeking Joint Venture Partners to further expand on all its exploration and development programs.

Noble Mineral Exploration Inc.'s exploration focus is on:
  • Nickel/Gold in the Timmins-Cochrane area of Northern Ontario, for which it holds the mineral rights,
  • Gold in the Wawa area of Northern Ontario,
  • Uranium in Northern Saskatchewan.

Latest News

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