Last updated: June 11, 2019

Project 81


2019-03-04 PROJECT 81 - Exploration Update: JV Partner Announces a Significant Nickel, Cobalt, PGE Discovery
2018-11-15 PROJECT 81 - Exploration Update: Diamond Drilling Commences on Crawford Property
2018-11-06 Project 81: Exploration Update Airborne EM & MAG Survey Completed Gravity Gradiometer Final Results Received
2018-11-01 Project 81: Exploration Update -Carnegie JV Partners commences Airborne Orientation Survey
2018-10-22 Project 81: Exploration Update -Noble commences Airborne EM & MAG Survey Mahaffy, MacDiarmid & Calder Township Properties
2018-09-28 Spruce Ridge signs LOI with Private Group regarding the Crawford Township Property
2018-09-05 PROJECT 81: Exploration Update - Noble Stakes Additional Mineral Claims Contiguous to Project 81
2018-08-27 PROJECT 81: Exploration Update - CGG commences Falcon Gravity Gradiometer Survey
2018-08-01 Noble provides Cobalt Results and Private Placement
2018-07-17 Project 81: Exploration Update - Crawford Twp. Property - CARDS-Artificial Intelligence (AI) Report
2018-07-12 Project 81 - Exploration Update: CARDS-Artificial Intelligence (AI) Report
2018-07-05 Lucas Gold Deposit: Twinned Holes Assay Comparison & Exploration Potential
2018-06-27 PROJECT 81: Lucas Gold Deposit - 2018 Winter Drilling Program -- Assay Results
2018-05-17 Project 81: Exploration Update - Carniegie Twp Property Commences Epxloration. Artificial Intellignce Ananlysis Underway
2018-05-08 Noble Signs Option and Joint Venture Agreement with Spruce Ridge on Project 81 - Crawford Township Property
2018-05-03 Project 81: Exploration Update CARDS - Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology Interpretation
2018-04-05 Project 81 : Lucas Gold Provides Update
2018-03-15 Kingsmill Nickel Deposit Contains Anomalous Cobalt; NOB to fire assay 2012 drill core for Cobalt; Additional Drill Indicated Nickel Discoveries to be tested for Cobalt
2018-03-01 Noble Updates Current Drilling Progress on the Lucas Township Gold Project; Results of Annual Meeting of Shareholders
2018-02-12 Noble Commences Diamond Drilling, Lucas Twp. Gold Project, Timmins, Ontario
2018-01-11 Project 81: 2018 Exploration Update
2017-10-02 Peat Resources Options Noble Mineral's Project 81 Dargavel Township Property
2017-09-25 Noble Signs Binding Letter of Intent for Option and Joint Venture on Crawford Township property
2017-09-18 Noble Mineral Exploration Partners with ORIX Geoscience Inc on Project 81
2017-09-14 Exploration Update: Noble Initiates High Definition Airborne Gravity Gradiometer Survey HD-AGG (TM) with Gedex Inc. on Project 81 in Timmins
2017-08-25 Noble provides exploration update, earn-in on Carnegie Township properties and private placement
2017-06-07 Balch Exploration Consulting has Mobilized the Heliborne EM/Mag Survey over Carnegie and Crawford Townships on Noble's Project 81
2017-05-24 Noble Experiments with Airborne Audio-Magnetotellurics (AMT) Geophysical Survey for target identification -- Dargavel Twp
2017-05-08 Project 81 - Noble Commissioned Airborne EM/MAG Geophysical Survey over Carnegie and Crawford Townships
2017-01-03 Noble Mineral Exploration Releases Lucas Gold Project - NI43-101 Report (Review of the 2012 Diamond Drilling Program)
2014-09-24 Noble Repays Debt through the Transfer of 50% Carbon Royalty and Block B of Project 81
2014-06-23 Noble Announces Shareholder Approval of Transfer of 50% Carbon Royalty and Block B of Project 81
2014-04-29 Noble Closes Sale of Timber and Surface Rights to Block A of Project 81 and Announces Imposition of Mining Land Taxes
2014-04-21 Noble Shareholders Approve Sale of Timber and Surface Rights to Block A of Project 81
2014-02-12 Noble Proceeds with Sale of Surface Rights to Block A of Project 81
2013-06-03 Noble Provides Update on Project 81
2013-04-03 Noble Provides Project 81 Update
2013-03-06 Noble Announces Results of Shareholders' Meeting
2012-2013 The Year in Review
2012-11-20 Noble Provides Project 81 Carbon Sequestration Update
2012-10-23 Noble Completes $1.5 Million Refinancing and Purchase of Project 81
2012-10-10 Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. Announced Refinancing of $1.5 Million Vendor-Take-Back Mortgage
2012-09-10 NOB Commissions Full Feasibility on Carbon Sequestration Modelling - Project 81 contains in excess of 500,000 tonnes/yr CO2 Capture Potential
2012-08-22 Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. Advances Carbon Sequestration Modelling, Provides Kingsmill Nickel Target Metallurgical Update on Project 81
2012-07-23 Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. Provides Exploration Update on Project 81
2012-05-30 Noble Minerals Identifies Awaruite in the Kingsmill Nickel Depost; Continues Drilling of Lucas Gold Target.
2012-05-04 Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. Announces Acquisition of Additional Claims,Kingsmill & Aubin Twps.
2012-05-04 Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. Commences Diamond Drilling on the Lucas Gold Target
2012-04-16 Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. Announces a Private Placement of Shares and Mobilization of Lucas Gold Target Drill Program
2012-04-12 Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. Announces Final Drill Results on the Kingsmill Nickel Anomaly
2012-04-02 Noble Mineral Exploration Inc. Announces IP Survey Results over the Lucas Gold Target
2012-03-29 Noble Mineral Exploration Announces the Confirmation of an Extensive Mineralized Nickel Deposit at Kingsmill
2012-03-05 ROF Confirms Extensive Width of Mineralized Nickel Body at Kingsmill
2012-02-28 ROF Intersects 502.6m of 0.25% Ni in 2nd Drill Hole at Kingsmill, Project 81 (Drill Hole terminated in mineralization)
2012-02-21 ROF Intersects 437.6m of 0.28% Ni at Kingsmill, Project 81
2012-02-06 ROF Receives Final Heliborne Magnetic Geophysical Interpretation over the Kingsmill Anomaly
2012-01-23 ROF Commences Drilling on the Kingsmill Nickel Target
2012-01-17 ROF Signs Memorandum of Understanding with First Nations
2012-01-12 ROF Receives Preliminary Heliborne Geophysical Results and Signs Drill Contract
2011-12-05 Ring of Fire Resources Inc. Reports Additional Historic Results from Lucas Township Primary Gold Target, Project 81
2011-12-01 Ring of Fire Resources Inc. Reports Historic Results from Lucas Township Primary Gold Target, Project 81
2011-11-30 Ring of Fire Resources Inc. Acquires Mineral Claims in Lucas, Duff & Tully Townships, Timmins, Ontario from Metals Creek Resources
2011-11-24 Ring of Fire Resources Inc. Stakes Potential Faulted Extension of its Kingsmill Nickel target - Project 81
2011-11-15 Ring of Fire Announces Commencement of Airborne Geophysical Survery - Project 81
2011-10-19 Ring of Fire Signs Contract to Initiate Airborne Survey over Project 81; Engages IBK Capital for the Private Placement of Common Share Units
2011-10-11 Ring of Fire Closes Acquisition of Project 81
2011-10-05 Franco-Nevada Commits to Funding Ring of Fire Resources' Purchase of Project 81; Ring of Fire Executes Definitive Purchase and Sale Agreement with Abibow Canada Inc.
2011-07-19 Ring of Fire Resources Presents Historical Data for Project "81" Mineral Properties near Timmins, Ontario
2011-07-15 Ring of Fire Resources Inc. Signs Exclusivity Agreement to Purchase High Potential Mineral Properties near Timmins, Ont.

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